When it comes time to rebrand your company and website every business owner needs to first ask what am I trying to convey and how am I going to do that. There are a number of different styles and methods one could adopt to give your designs new flair. Minimalist designs seem to be associated with a number of stereotypes but when it comes to today’s branding scene it is easily one of the most effective and widely used approaches.

Often times when people hear minimalism they think of the extreme, perhaps a single colored geometric shape meant to be a surrogate for a real life image associated with the brand, company, etc. And while this is a reality of minimalism as whole, it is not the entire story. Some of our most iconic logos today follow the minimalist scope, Apple and Nike being perfect examples.

So why does it work? The quickest and easiest answer is that it is because these types of simple, impactful designs are timeless. The missing bite of the Apple logo and the Nike swoosh are never going to need updates. Neither are anchored in any particular design concept linked to a specific era. Both also maximize important elements of minimalism; a single bold emblem that avoids clutter and makes use of both color and negative space contrast.

Stellen likes to encourage our clients and friends to consider the possibilities of various styles when it comes to a company’s branding. Perhaps for your next brand update, a less is more quality could be in order. A black and white menu, with a crisp font and plenty of space as to not overwhelm the reader. A new logo, that while simple, is memorable in its efficiency to connect an image with your business. The potentials are there. If this sounds like an option for your business, let Stellen help you to ensure turning to a minimalist style does not come at the expense of thought, strategy, and quality.

Photos pulled form Designinspiration.net