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Build A Profitable Brand.

We help driven entrepreneurs turn their big vision into a profitable brand that lasts. We listen, we plan, and we execute. Our pragmatic process takes you from confused to confident. We promise an exciting and stress free engagement. 

Stellen Design is an award winning branding agency based in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

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Prop House Plants

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Juice It Up!

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Fox & Farrow

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California Pizza Kitchen

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Branding is Our Thing

  • Don't get frustrated or overwhelmed trying to piece your brand together yourself. DIY is always easier said than done.
  • Don't get lured by a big agency only to get passed off to a junior designer and put on the back burner. We offer only creative director level work.
  • We make the process pragmatic, fun, and do-able.

A Win for You is a Win for Us

  • We work closely and effectively with you to build your brand in a timely manor.
  • We care about your brands' success.
  • Our clients see increased revenue, increased following & increased authority of their industry.

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Why do you need to build a brand?

Check out these stats from a past re-brand client.
Sales revenue increased 3x since rebrand
Website traffic increased 110% year over year
Sold out her last 8 retreats with waitlists
Published author with Harper Collins

On The Gram

Anyone else literally give up on ordering door dash because there is just TOO many choices?? I know I have, often in fact 😂

#branding #brandmatters #branddesigner #branddesign
Great logos should be judged on facts not taste… it’s not about if you like something… it’s about “does it work”? Here are the 4 must haves for a great logo!! 

#logodesign #logodesigner #branddesign #branddesigner
This project for the city of Redondo Beach was a dream… however it now hangs in the balance of the City Council… I honestly wish I didn’t care so much, but I love this city and I love good logos. It would hurt my heart and soul if this goes sideways. If you like the new proposed logo please email the council and let them know! I have included a link in my bio!
Color is not something to be overlooked when it comes to restaurant branding! #restaurant #resturantbranding #resturanteur
A logos 1 job is to identify your business… that’s it! It’s that simple!
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Carolina Vangilder of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Carolina Van Gilder
Project manager / Assistant
The coordinator, facilitator and scheduler for all Stellen Design projects. She communicates with clients about everything from contracts and payments to design edits and revisions. She helps keep the logistics on point so Stellen Design can live up to their reputation.
Carolyn Packard of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Carolyn Packard
Carolyn Packard is a seasoned designer with valuable insight into effectively communicating and interpreting design needs to her clients. Carolyn knows the value of creating good, functional design.
Jordis Smalls of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Jordis Small
Creative Director
Jordis is a big believer in continued education. She makes it a point to attend at least four workshops or conferences a year to keep her skill improving. She is also a big advocate for “creative play” and loves to spend her spare time trying new things and learning new techniques.