Web & Digital Design

A website is a digital representation of your business. 92% of consumers visit a businesses website before calling or visiting. Your website is your first point of contact with your customer.

That visit will forever impact their view of your business. It is your digital identity.

Developing a digital identity that correlates with your brick and mortar business or brand message can seem a bit daunting.

That’s why Stellen Design exists.

We take the burden of translating your business into a digital identity off your plate. We believe in creativity rooted in practicality, we design with a goal in mind. We make the nebulous tangible and the creative process pragmatic.

Websites & UI/UX:

Need some help with your user interface? We got you! We can create a graphically amusing interface for your app, product, or site.

Social Media Templates:

Internet marketing and social media platforms are a must to help boost your business. We can set up your company with a cohesive campaign for social media and create templates that are easily interchangeable to make posting a breeze for your internal team.


Adding animation to your website or social is a great way to boost your customer engagement and keep the viewer interested in your site. We can help create a simple logo animation or an animated infograph for your business.


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