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At Stellen we often preach the importance of having a strong social media presence to help increase visibility and awareness for your company. Obviously, Facebook may just be the King of social media, so your efforts to establish this presence could start right there. Creating a well thought out Facebook landing page is a great opportunity to welcome your guests and customers to your company. Facebook business pages offer ample chances to put your marketing and branding on full display. To help give an understanding of what a good landing page might look like we highlighted 5 Facebook necessities.

Profile Picture and Cover Photo
Aside from Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook may be the most visually reliant platforms out there. Guests will immediately be drawn to the pictures on your page, and because how little time the average person spends on a single webpage, this may be your only opportunity to make a good impression. Profile pictures should always so your product or logo, make sure the visitor knows at all times what company they are looking at. The cover photo should offer a touch more creative potential and can be a perfect place to highlight some creative, visually striking marketing.

Engaging Content
This may sound obvious but knowing what will engage people does not always come naturally. Unfortunately the days of people actively reading any sort of long from writing are over as attention spans have dramatically decreased in the digital age. Think of material that will offer impactful content in the shortest amount of time possible. These days viewers of your site are much more likely to click on lists, photos, videos, or short declarations or call to actions. Don’t be afraid of feeling pigeon-holed into sharing repetitive content as to keep pushing the same product, remember people want to be entertained. Think of a company like RedBull. They have created one of the most recognizable companies in the world and in large part thanks to a very skilled social media marketing campaign that rarely ever actually shows any of their products, and instead revolves around thrilling action sports videos.

Cohesive Design
As with everything we do at Stellen, we stress the importance of having cohesive content. Creating a Facebook landing page should be included in your plans for branding your company and because of that you should be thinking of design that is suited across all your platforms. Make sure your page is up to date, are you using the same color scheme across the page and does it match the scheme of your current campaign outside of Facebook, does the content that you post match the tone and message that previous posts have created for your company? The more recognizable your company is in design, tone, and content the more acknowledgment your company will get from customers; cohesion is key.

Hopefully, with the previous hints we have provided, your new landing page has captured the attention of your visitors. Now its time to make sure they know as much about you as possible, or even turn them immediately into active buyers. Make sure to have extremely visible and easy to use links that can take people to your other forms of social media and your exceptionally well-designed homepage. Also it is always smart to have somewhere for people to be able to sign up for an email list for your company to keep up to date on the latest products and news from your company.

As always Stellen is here to help and would love the chance to work with you and your company, and maybe even design your new Facebook landing page to ensure your business thrives.

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