The Best Brand Colors for Restaurants 

Are you opening a restaurant or questioning your existing restaurants’ exciting brand colors? You might be wondering what the best brand colors for a restaurant are? I have helped countless restaurateurs establish their brands and choose the right colors for their restaurants!   Do you

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California Pizza Kitchen

It’s always fun to work with an existing brand that is well-known and loved, and I recently had the pleasure of helping California Pizza Kitchen as additional support for their design team during a period of an overload of creative projects. CPK, as the brand

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Reykjavik Roasters: a great little spot!

We love it when we find plain, well thought out shops and cafes. Reykjavik Roasters is just that: a mellow, simple, some may even say hipster, coffee shop that we loved. The logo is minimalistic and well designed, and matches the vibe of the interior

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Creative Menus

If you have been following our blog, I am sure you have seen we are still raving about our finds in Europe. One thing that kept catching our eye was unique and different ways of presenting menus. We saw everything from a few leather bound

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Red and Yellow: Why You’re Lovin’ It

The crew here at Stellen always likes to follow up. So when we put up that neat graphic about how the color spectrum can influence customers we figured we should put up some evidence with it. You know, just in case you didn’t believe us.

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Time For The Bill

Stellen encourages all veteran or aspiring restaurateurs to realize that when creating an image for your restaurant, no detail is too minimal or insignificant. The aesthetic you create is not just about those things you can see throughout the meal, the art, the lighting, the

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Carolina Vangilder of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Carolina Van Gilder
Project manager / Assistant
The coordinator, facilitator and scheduler for all Stellen Design projects. She communicates with clients about everything from contracts and payments to design edits and revisions. She helps keep the logistics on point so Stellen Design can live up to their reputation.
Carolyn Packard of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Carolyn Packard
Carolyn Packard is a seasoned designer with valuable insight into effectively communicating and interpreting design needs to her clients. Carolyn knows the value of creating good, functional design.
Jordis Smalls of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Jordis Small
Creative Director
Jordis is a big believer in continued education. She makes it a point to attend at least four workshops or conferences a year to keep her skill improving. She is also a big advocate for “creative play” and loves to spend her spare time trying new things and learning new techniques.