Unless you have some how managed to miraculously avoid a computer for the last five years, there is no denying that social media is becoming an ever present fixture in the majority of our lives. While social media initially garnered attention as a personal medium to connect with friends it has vastly evolved and has become a crucial aspect of running a business.

The sheer amount of social media platforms today can be intimidating, and while a business does not need to navigate every single one of them to be successful, to completely ignore social media all together could be detrimental. The potential advantages yielded by a well-run account are numerous. First of all, social media is free. Yes, free advertising. That alone should be enough reason to hop on the bandwagon, but the power does not stop there. Social media is a tool like no other that allows you, a business, to connect instantly with any or all of your customers. By doing so you can learn more about your consumer, receive feedback from them, alert your followers to any news concerning your brand, and humanize your business by creating an approachable presence. The numbers are firmly on the side of social media as well. Social media is no longer exclusively the stomping ground of the young millennial, nowadays over three quarters of the U.S. adult population is on social media, and for an average of twelve hours a week at that. And even if it was just a place for young people, the digital savvy younger generations are quickly becoming today’s consumer and as they grow older and replace other generations that three quarters number is going to get a lot higher, because who knows a young person not on social media these days? Also, keep in mind that links on social media now drives more traffic to websites than search engines do.

Social media is here to stay, and businesses that deny that run the risk of being left behind. We here at Stellen Design understand that changing trends in technology can be nothing short of scary but we are here to help with every step of envisioning a strong brand for your company, which includes social media.