Spring has officially sprung and for those of us in Southern California it, for once, actually means something, as we finish what felt like a real winter. Rather than the only change being the temperature jumping from 67 to 72, it might actually mark the rains retreating, our perfect climate returning, and the unnecessarily large parkas meant for actual winters with snow finding their way back into the corners of our closets. Having the slightest semblance of a season change is the prefect opportunity for any business to embrace a marketing campaign that plays into spring’s greatest qualities. Spring is a time for growth, rebirth, cleansing, and obscure holidays, embrace it. Stellen has some suggestions on how:

Embrace Seasonal Themes

Spring is full of clichés and popular imagery, like spring-cleaning and flowers, find a spring theme that best suits your business and run with it! “Spring-cleaning” could be applied in any number of ways, whether it is eating healthy, home improvements, or it even being a means of creating some room for a few new purchases. Flowers are a simple incorporation, easily the most identifiable symbol of spring, they also obviously are quite beautiful, meaning adding a well placed flower picture, sketch, or design to an email or your website quickly proves you are embracing the season.

Know Your Holidays

Spring is jam packed with smaller, more obscure holidays that could creatively be turned into a chance to incorporate deals, promotions, and awareness for your business. Nationally recognized traditions like Earth Day, Memorial Day, Arbor Day, Mother’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo are all occasions to have some fun and encourage your customers to turn to you for inspiration. Easter, of course, is the big one. Perhaps a good way to increase traffic throughout your website and have people viewing more of your content would be to hide an Easter Egg somewhere on your site and the first however many people to find it would receive a percentage off of X, Y, and Z.

Turn to the Outdoors

While summer might be peak season for us to look good, spring is that season for nature. Everything is in bloom, fields and hills are at their greenest, and the evening light lingers gently, creating numerous opportunities for a good photo opp. Take advantage of your social media pages by posting a picture or two of your product outside, or if you don’t have a physical product, a nice landscape with a imaginative caption that ties back to your business. Consumers, who have been hibernating in their homes for winter, will be turning to more outdoor activities as the weather improves and will undoubtedly respond to a company that does the same.

However you choose to incorporate spring into your marketing campaign, Stellen can help. From making the decision between using a bright spring-color palette or a soft one, or even a spring-cleaning of your own online content, Stellen is ready to adhere to any of your needs.