As promised, here is another little dash of inspiration to get those creative holiday ad ideas flowing. Whether humorous or touching or simply festive, Stellen highly encourages all of our friends to get some kind of wintery marketing flair out for their customers to see, because besides it being fun, it could mean some big bucks for your business.

Omino Bianco Washing Powder
Why is this a perfect holiday ad? Well for one it made us chuckle. But also, to be quite frank, we have never heard of Omino Bianco but instantly by looking at their holiday content we know exactly what they are selling, and we know why we want to buy it. Cause who wants a washed out and washed up Santa?



McDonald’s / Burti
Some products just speak for themselves. Not everyone is McDonald’s and we get that. But in this ad Ronald teaches us a good lesson about knowing your brand and playing to your strengths. Have a particular product your company is known for? If yes why not get a bunch together and make them look like a Christmas tree…or an ornament…or a menorah. Simple and easy; and don’t be surprised when you get praised for your creativity. Check out the ad below from Burti as another example.


A lot of times the holidays are all about in your face and flashy aesthetic. Christmas lights. Traditionally loud colors. And ornamental detail, literally. While that works and is fun, we wanted to give a little bit of praise to Inbev for their subtly. They don’t make any real changes to their brand or product to adapt it to the holiday season; just one little touch and they have a great ad.



If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If you are fresh out of ideas for your holiday campaign why not turn to the past for a little inspiration? If it worked once, it probably will again. Now we don’t recommend doing the same ole ad every year, but it can be fun to turn back the clock. Plus in this day and age having a retro, throwback ad that inspires some kind of nostalgia is sure to bring success.


Sometimes the most effective ads and messages are delivered just as much through words as they are through images. Bonus points for a well delivered pun. Just make sure the emphasis is on the “well delivered” part.

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