We’ve said it before, and its time to say it again. Get going on those holiday advertising schemes! We here at Stellen cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a clear and strong plan for your brand for the holidays. Go as big as you want, or keep your holiday touches subtle. Just do something to prove to your customers that you aren’t a total Scrooge. Since Stellen is always here to guide your designing needs we thought we would kick things off with a little inspiration. Below are just a couple of our favorite holiday campaigns from the past courtesy of some big time names. Follow the link below to see even more!



This first ad by Nike is a perfect example of how to incorporate the core image of your brand into a simple and fun holiday ad. The frozen silhouette of a player going up for a slam dunk is iconic for Nike, so much so that thanks to Michael Jordan, Nike was able to create a whole separate, and successful, brand, Air Jordan. Its only fitting that Nike would adapt this image to feature a cultural name that rivals Jordan’s, Santa Claus, equipped with his own signature kicks.



Certain companies have messages that they are obligated to convey. This is especially true for the alcoholic beverage industry. While the “Don’t Drink and Drive” message is an incredibly important emphasis, both morally and for business, it is not the easiest one to deliver in a creative and light-hearted manner. Heineken does a masterful job of combining their seasonal advertising duties in this ad. Heineken is able to make both the safe driving and Christmas messages, relevant, and with the necessary gravity of a serious theme, and yet leave us with an entertained smirk to acknowledge their creativity.

Stay tuned for part two!

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