So here at Stellen we know it’s barely fall… Decorative gourds haven’t been carved or tastefully arranged on everyone’s porches or dining room tables and, heck, your pumpkin spice latte probably hasn’t even cooled down enough for you to have your first sip, but we are here to tell you that a smart business owner knows that tis the season to plan ahead.

Yes, it is time to start preparing for the holidays. Some estimates say that around 40% of consumers start spending for the holidays before Halloween, so why not be prepared for your customers. While the holidays may be stressful for many, coming up with a great holiday marketing scheme doesn’t need to be. At Stellen we want to help our clients maximize their holiday earning potential. From timely discounts, to temporary festive touches to your branding or website you can easily let your audience know that you can provide the best holiday services possible. Stellen Designs loves to get jolly, and we also know the importance of capitalizing on the season early, so grab your designer and start getting to work. Just because we all know you’re waiting until the day before the holidays to get your mother-in-law a gift doesn’t mean your holiday strategy needs to wait that long also.