The Soul Addiction



Have you ever stopped to think about what makes your favorite brand so addicting? In the past, simply owning merchandise or products with a brand’s logo was enough to keep customers coming back for more. However, chances are just the logo isn’t what makes you loyal to a brand. Living in an increasingly social world, brands have had to adapt to the way people think and interact with them. Brand communities now play a significant role in customer loyalty, and very few businesses have successfully built these communities.

Soul Cycle is one of the few. In the fitness business, making people want to continue to come back to a high intensity environment is challenging. This is where building a brand community comes in. Soul Cycle created a community for its clients that gives a passionate vibe to a team like atmosphere. It offers more than just the clean and modern logo. Each studio boasts yellow bikes, walls and apparel that vibrates optimistic and energetic thoughts into every person that walks through the door. Alongside this energy, the classes are nearly pitch black and include thunderous music creating an atmosphere similar to a dance club. The instructors are the ringleaders of this cycle circus, yelling out encouragement and positivity to keep the class going. Every class creates an addicting community that keeps people coming back for more.

Soul Cycle is what successful, modern marketing looks like. Understanding that consumers today need more than just a brand is everything. People need a deeper emotional attachment to businesses, and they want to feel like they are a part of a greater community. Create this environment for your customers, and they will repay you with their loyalty.

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Carolina Vangilder of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Carolina Van Gilder
Project manager / Assistant
The coordinator, facilitator and scheduler for all Stellen Design projects. She communicates with clients about everything from contracts and payments to design edits and revisions. She helps keep the logistics on point so Stellen Design can live up to their reputation.
Réka Juhász (ray-ka u-has)
Contract Designer

Réka is a Hungarian-born, American-trained award-winning brand designer with over 12 years of graphic design experience. She loves to incorporate hand lettering, tactile elements, or letterpress into her work. She believes inspiration is all around us and that making brands look good is a worthy pursuit in life.

Jordis Smalls of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
Jordis Small
Creative Director
Jordis is a big believer in continued education. She makes it a point to attend at least four workshops or conferences a year to keep her skill improving. She is also a big advocate for “creative play” and loves to spend her spare time trying new things and learning new techniques.