We here at Stellen occasionally like to recognize others in our field of design and branding when they create something that is in our opinion genius. Genius for us isn’t defined by some achievement of staggering artistic display, but rather is much more simple, a brand that knows who it is, what it is, and how it can be the best product for its users.

So our Stellen Shoutout today goes to TAO Clean. TAO Clean is a personal cleaning company, specializing in toothbrushes and face cleansing brushes. Their products, even though they are common household items, are actually remarkably attractive. The sleek design that their cleaners boast is rather simple, yet at the same time evokes a type of futuristic refinement. We cannot help but appreciate that all their products come in both black and white options, classic while also ensuring that, while these beautiful products will catch peoples’ eye, they will never seem out of place on your bathroom countertop. Check out their website and it is clear to see how strong their branding is. They have a recognizable logo that plays into both their design and product names, their website is user friendly and organized, and all their content has a unique voice that works universally across their material. Even just by understanding their name, The Art Of (TAO) Clean, its plain to see that this company is creative. With one imaginative acronym TAO Clean is able to conjure an image of some mythic and harmonious union of yin and yang, which for them are the pillars they preach across their website: clean and simple.