As promised, here is another little dash of inspiration to get those creative holiday ad ideas flowing. Whether humorous or touching or simply festive, Stellen highly encourages all of our friends to get some kind of wintery marketing flair out for their customers to see, because besides it being fun, it could mean some big bucks for your business.

Lets face it. Thanksgiving is at least 63% about stuffing your face with excessive amounts of food. And hey we all deserve a cheat day, but the problem is, as soon as Thanksgiving ends, the holiday season begins and that means a lot more temptation coming your way. R2 Fitness takes advantage of the unfortunate truth that extra lbs. are probably inevitable to sell their product. Plus with New Year’s resolutions due a week after Christmas, is there any better time for them to ramp up their marketing?

Adidas creates a wonderful juxtaposition of two iconic symbols in one photo; the reason this is a great ad is because one of those symbols is their very own design. The minimalism and simplicity lent to this creative campaign is commendable and the image of the Christmas tree produced by the two sneakers is sure to make many appreciate their brand.


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