Berlin Street Art To See

On a recent trip to Berlin, I found myself awe inspired by the abundance of talent creating beautiful art throughout Berlin. Not only is there the East Side Gallery, part of the Berlin wall that was repurposed in the ‘90s to serve as canvases for artists, but there are entire sides of buildings hoisting incredible murals.

I found myself just walking around the city trying to take it all in. One piece that I still wish I would have gotten a photo of, looked as if someone took a roller brush and rolled it all the way down the building in vertical stripes ending at different lengths. To think of someone having the courage to do that uncommissioned and make a statement to express oneself is incredible.

For any remotely creative person, this city is a mecca for inspiration! Here are just a few of the images from my recent trip!



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Carolina Vangilder of Stellen Design Branding Agency in Los Angeles CA
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Jordis Small
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