Everyone has enjoyed the simple pleasure of window shopping at least once in their lives. Fashion merchandisers magnificently display their beautiful products in a way that could send any passerby into a trance — and that’s exactly what stores want these displays to do. In fact, window displays aren’t only meant to turn heads, but are also meant to bring customers in. However, simple product elegance isn’t enough for customers anymore. They want to be able to somehow experience the product from outside the store before even setting foot inside. So how is this accomplished? The answer is multidimensional window displays.

The name makes it sound complicated, but the idea behind multidimensional window displays is simple. The goal of these displays is to make whatever product you’re displaying come to life through 3D, larger than life, colorful imagery. One company that is taking the lead on these vibrant displays is The Body Shop. In order to showcase their facemasks, their windows not only display the masks, but also bring to life ingredients with large, bright, 3D pictures. This allows window shoppers to interact and experience a taste of the product, which will hopefully drive them into the store. These dynamic displays also sets The Body Shop apart from other beauty supply stores. Other stores like Dior, Valentino and Hugo Boss are following the trend with multidimensional displays of their own.

Is this merchandising trend here to stay? Chances are most definitely. Brands are always looking for opportunities to outshine competitors. If you own a brand with storefronts, designing multidimensional displays may be your ticket to more success and business. So, have fun, get creative and give them a try on your own brand.