Laney LA Website

The Problem

Laney LA  had outgrown their current website and were in the unique position to have their website offer less information about the company. They needed a platform to host and showcase their beautiful work and unique design process without distracting from the work. Their current website went into great detail about their design process, the office, and the team. It was bright and fun yet it distracted from the beauty in their architectural work. 

How We Helped

We had a little bit of an upper hand on this project from knowing Anthony Laney and his team personally and baring witness to their businesses growth. Our goals was to create a site that fit the feeling of working with Laney LA. They mentioned their clients often come to them to build custom peaceful homes that serve as sanctuaries from everyday life. We needed that peacefulness to come across on the site. We knew we needed to scale back and focus on the subtle details for this design. Of course, simple is never simple! With having a basic black and white site we needed pay attention to the details and create a beautiful experience for the user.

The Result

The site better conveys the experience someone will have when working with Laney LA and helps attract the right kind of clients and projects. 

Words From Our Client

“I am thrilled with the outcome of our new website. Jordis and her team were very patient and remained committed to helping us achieve a boutique design. Her keen design eye and ability to overcome technical challenges were invaluable to the process.”

– Anthony Laney / Architect, Partner


Website Design 

View The Live Site


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