EDGE Theory

Edge Theory is the first of it’s kind, a portable, accessible, cold plunge tub that doesn’t require you to buy bags of ice!

The Problem

When Josh and Rob of Edge Theory came to us, they were full of passion and excitement for their product but didn’t have a clear vision of the brand.

How We Helped

Through our holistic process we were able to identify the niche they were filling, outline their ideal customers, and create a visual identity that would speak to that customer.

The Result

Josh and Rob not only successfully brought their product to market, but they are thriving! They are continuously selling out of tubs and in the homes of pro athletes and celebrities.

Words From Our Client

“We sold out of our first 3 production runs and are ramping up to meet the demand.

We are in NFL training camps and have pro athletes using our tubs.

The reason why we have pro athletes reach out us is because our brand speaks to them which is huge”

-Josh Church

Co-Founder Edge Theory Labs

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