The Kellie Kitchen Branding

The Problem

Kellie of the The Kellie Kitchen came to us in a major time of growth!

Like so many entrepreneurs, she DIY’d her business. In fact, she DIY’d it so good The Kellie Kitchen had grown a dedicated following and had a successful Etsy shop! But, she wanted to grow beyond Etsy and wanted to be taken seriously by book publishers and media sources. She wanted to be know as an authority in her industry (Keto and low carb cooking).

How We Helped

Kellie’s brand is a personal brand and those always require a little more attention than other brands. The reason being, a personal brand needs to accurately reflect the person while still resonating with their audience where as non-personal brands only need to reflect their audience.

We got to know Kellie and fell in love with her sunny and warm demeanor. She really is like a ray of sunshine (even in a zoom meeting!), she is fresh and fun. We did not want to take away from that but we did need to give her a more polished look so she can look like an established brand and be intriguing to cook book publishers.

For her logo we landed on a script that felt very personal, we even customized it to make it feel more like her signature. We paired the wordmark with a fresh and fun lemon accent mark. We designed a new look for all her print outs and marketing material.

The Result

Kellie has been able to grow her following, sell out of products, booked her first paid sponsorship, and is in talks with publishers.

Words From Our Client

“Before I felt like my logo was too DIY’d to be taken seriously. It was fun and got me by for a while but new I needed something more. Now I feel like my business is legit. I am the same person and business as before, but now I feel elevated. Plus the new brand and logo give me a push to keep elevating the whole business.”

– Kellie Logsdon / Owner



Logo Design 


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