The Blueprint

The Blueprint is a unique fitness and training facility in Torrance, CA that specializes in circuit group training. They work with a wide range of clients–from average joes to professional athletes. 

Kyle, the owner of The Blueprint, came to us with no more than a logo mark and asked us to help him build his brand. In the fitness world, it’s very important you are telling the right story. The spectrum between the UFC loving, iron pumping kind and the yoga enthusiast is huge. Without seeing a place in person, the marketing materials and visuals are all your potential client has to form an opinion on your establishment. Are they going to feel motivated and want to join? Or intimidated and go elsewhere? 

For The Blueprint we wanted the aesthetic to be modern and fresh with a minimalist approach. By zeroing in on The Blueprint’s story and utilizing the versatile black and white color palette, we were able to develop a cool, modern brand that appeals to the full scope of their target market. We defined branded fonts, designed a myriad of promotional creatives, and all other creative collateral the client needed including a website and apparel graphics.

View their live site here.


  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Digital Desgin
  • Web Design
  • T-shirt Graphics
  • Social Media


Photography by Jade Sharp

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