Purethings is a natural cream used for eczema. Founder, Jessica Lee, created the product to help her son who suffered from eczema. She struggled to find an all natural product that actually worked – so she created her own!

After working with a few other designers, she came to Stellen Design. As usual, we started the project with our discovery process to see what else is on the market, how we can improve the marketing and come up with a unique logo design. The past designers were designing without a proper discovery, leading the project nowhere. If you don’t know the end goal, the design process can be an uphill battle. Discovery takes out all the guess work and helps us design with clear vision.

Once we did our initial pitch, Jessica decided it was important for her to incorporate an aspect from her family. She has 5 kids so we wanted to utilized a 5 somehow. We first tried 2 upside down 5’s to create a tree which didn’t really work, but we found that turning the circular shape of a the 5 into a heart worked perfectly. The result was an meaningful and unique logo design.

To finalize the mark we matched it with a modern and clean san serif font to create the logo system.

Below you can see some or other proposed concepts.


Logo Design

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