The Lahaina Room

The Lahaina Room is a “coming soon” tiki bar in my local neighborhood. It was formerly a local dive bar and when my clients purchased the facility they knew they wanted a concept for a fun tiki bar.

The Problem

The location of the bar is in a strip mall in a very middle class community. It’s a nice neighborhood but not quite an area where people would get dressed up to go. It’s casual middle class and next to a hospital where they knew they would be able to get nurses and doctors after their shifts for a drink. After interviewing a few nurses, we learned it needed to be casual enough to be able to go straight from work dressed in scrubs but updated enough that the 20 something crowd would want to go there on a Saturday night.

How We Helped

During our branding process we carefully outlined the balance of casual to fancy… we knew we needed to fall somewhere above a dive bar and below a swanky lounge.

After having a clear mood board and direction for the project, we went to work on creating a logo system that was fun, tropical, and also approachable. We expanded the deliverables to create coaster, match boxes, t-shirt graphics, and of course a cocktail menu.

We gave a clear outline and mood board for the design of the physical space and are looking forward to curating wall art for the client.

The Result

We will report back once The Lahaina Room is open for business after construction.

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