Jensen Realty Branding

Jensen realty is a real estate brokerage in Hermosa Beach, CA. They reached out to us in need of a rebrand. It’s a family business and was being passed down to the second generation who wanted to breath some life into the brand and appeal to a fresh demographic. 

When it comes to real estate branding, brand is a big factor in determining your client base, the type of houses you sell, and your level of success. Good branding will make you memorable and creditable.

Since Jensen realty is a real estate brokerage, not just a real estate team working under a brokerage, they are responsible for providing marketing materials to other agents. Similar to a boutique version of Keller Williams or ReMax. 

We needed to design a brand that would appeal to two demographics. First, friendly and knowledgeable local agents who want to join their team and second, home buyers and sellers in the South Bay.

Next, we started by outlining both customer profiles and coming up with some key brand attributes. Some key brand points we came up with were: energetic, bright fun, bold, honest, genuine, authentic, true, knowledgeable, helpful, streamlined, and forward. 

Logo Design

The logo mark we designed is a symbol of a house being seen through a window. The angular shape creates drive and motivation. We paired the mark with a bold and legible type face. It is important to think of primary use cases when designing a logo, for a realtor the most crucial is a listing sign on a house. If someone is driving down the street, you want them to A. Notice the sign, and B. Notice your logo. If it’s too complicated, they won’t remember it or recognize it.


For the brand color pallet the owner wanted something that would stand out and pop on a listing sign as you were driving by. We found that no other brokerages in the area were using orange, orange is the most energetic of colors, and orange inspires creativity and excitement. We knew then orange was the color.

Print Design

We reworked all of their printed marketing materials and created re-usable templates, and created listing signs that pop.

Brand Guide

After completing all the creative design work, we polished off the project with a detailed brand guide to ensure longevity and continuity of the brand and all of its comprised elements.



Logo Design


Words From Our Client

“Jordis and her team did an amazing job with my logo and helping me build a cohesive brand image.

It was really difficult because I was not sure what I wanted. Lucky for me she was extremely patient and helped me through the whole process.

I’m really happy with how my logo looks and more importantly now my company has the foundation in place to create more marketing materials with a cohesive brand image.”

Devin Jensen

Broker / Owner Jensen Reality

If you are looking for some help with Real Estate Branding let’s talk!

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