Californa Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

California Pizza Kitchen, or CPK for short, hired us on a per-project basis to assist with the overload of creative projects at hand. Using their existing brand assets, we applied them to new creative layouts to fit each specific piece.

We created a logo lock up for their “National Pizza Month” campaign for the month of October as well as menu outserts, flyers, web banners, and table tents. We also assisted with creatives promoting their season favorite–pumpkin cheesecake. ​

Another project we helped with was creating banners to hide the construction of their new Manhattan Beach location.

Working with CPK has been a great experience for us since we’ve been able to take an existing brand and simply expand on the creative direction. It is important to not re-invent the wheel when working with brands as established as California Pizza Kitchen and we pride ourselves on creating within the parameters of an existing brand. It is important that the work looks seamless. One should not be able to tell what has been done in-house and what has been outsourced.


Web Design
Print Design

Words From Our Client

“Jordis is an exceptional creative director. I have worked with many designers, and Jordis really understands the process of discovering a brand’s voice up front, so that her work represents the needs of her clients. She has managed freelance projects as part of our extended family at California Pizza Kitchen for several years, and I would highly recommend her to anyone that asks.”

-Nathan Dail, Marketing Director CPK

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