Local Bike Shop Logo Design

The Local Bike Shop in Los Olivos, CA, hired us to create a logo design for them. Therefore, like any project, we started by asking questions. Through our Q & A, we learned that the owner splits his time between Los Olivos and Manhattan Beach, CA, and has hopes of opening more locations throughout Southern California. However, he wanted to call their business the LO bike shop… a little play on Los Olvios… He also wanted to be known as “The Local Bike Shop,” and wanted to carry that laid back California local vibe. 

Mood Board

Our first step is always creating a mood board based on our discovery call (which can be seen in the gallery) and outlining some key brand attributes. For The Local Bike Shop, it was fun, classic, approachable, and dependable. They wanted to embody that feeling of stopping off to get your tires filled by someone who has been working there for years, knows your name (along with most every customer), takes the time to chat with you, and who will set you up. 

We liked that LO could stand for Los Olivos and CAL California, and a name like “The Local Bike Shop” could transfer anywhere geographically with ease. LO will always be a nice way of paying homage to the original location. 

Logo Mark

The Local Bike Shop sells bikes, rents, and repairs both conventional and electric bikes. We set to create a logo mark of a bike showing the electric element with a lightning bolt. While they are not exclusively electric bikes, that is what sets them apart from most other bike shops, so we wanted to highlight that. 

We had fun on the word mark and created a play with the LOcal. We laid out different lock ups for the rental, repair, and shop departments of the store. Those lock up’s can be used both in the physical store and as custom buttons on the website. 

Color Pallet

To polish off the logo design system, we created a sunset-inspired color pallet! So we decided yellow and orange to be the primary brand colors with an accent of a fresh robins egg blue. 


Logo Design

Words From Our Client

“My experience working with Stellen Design could not have gone better. We operate a small town electric bike shop and hired Stellen Designs to lead our logo design and branding efforts. After an initial conversation with Jordis I knew that I had found the best person for the job. Jordis outlined a clear direction and step-by-step process, which allowed me to contribute my ideas, and that she brought to life. If you are passionate about your business and need branding support, you will be very pleased if you choose to work with her and her team!”

Chad Emerson Los Olivos Bike Shop, California

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