Kula Collective

Kula (pronounced koo-la), not Kalua, is a Sanskrit word meaning together. The Kula Collective is just that–a place for brining people together. 

We were honored to create the logo design for Kula Collective.

When my friend Julie first told me about her vision for Kula I don’t think either of us quite knew what that would look like. She knew she wanted to create a resource/network for people based on support and positivity. She was in the very beginning stages but knew she needed a good logo design.

I instructed her to create a mood board on Pinterest first so I could get in her head a little bit and know what she was envisioning for her brand. After viewing her mood board I went to work on some concepts. You can see some of our initial concepts below. I wanted to incorporate the idea of “together” into the logo. 

In the final concept of the logo design we used blocks of color behind the text to show things coming together. I wanted to make sure this idea wasn’t lost when the logo was printed in a one color format so I sliced the letters as if they were being moved together. 


Logo Design

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