About Us

Stellen Design is a boutique graphic design and branding agency based in Los Angeles, CA. We do contract design and branding work for of start ups, small to mid size businesses and not to name names, but a few corporate companies like California Pizza Kitchen. 

Your company’s brand is the personification of the big vision inside your mind. It’s your best, 24/7 salesperson. It’s a unifying force that promotes pride within your organization and makes your customers feel understood. In short, your brand is a boss.

But translating your sales pitch into a visual language and tone that resonates with your ideal customers is easier said than done. That’s why Stellen Design exists. We take the burden of interpreting your ideas off your hands. 

We specialize in taking a company’s authentic story and shaping a visual presence. 

We start by listening. We collaborate with our clients to identify who their ideal customer is and then create a branding campaign tailored to that customer. Creative Director, Jordis Small, prides herself on being as practical as AF. That practicality comes through in our design process. While we love to make things look beautiful, if it doesn't serve it's purpose, it's useless.  We make the nebulous tangible and the creative process pragmatic.

We are currently a virtual team of three women, Jordis Small, creative director, Carolyn Packard, contract graphic designer, and Jo Serna, project manager. We also have the ability to scale as needed with great resources for web development, animation, and added design support. 

If you are looking for a small and mighty branding agency that will handle your branding and design project with love and integrity, let's talk!

What does Stellen mean?

mir vorstellen is the German word for imagine
erstellen is the German word for create

Imagine + Create = Stellen

Creative Director

Jordis Small, got her start in Fashion but after working in the industry, she found it was not as creative as she thought it would be. She then began working as a graphic designer in the active sports industry and fell in love with it. She has worked as an in house designer for several years before taking a leap of faith and opening her own design business. Her background in fashion has provided a solid base of brand development.

She takes pride in the work we produce and personally oversees all creative direction as well as taking on design work herself.

Traveling often has helped influence and inspire Jordis' artistic talent. She has a passion for design and is absolutely in love with her job as she thrives on creativity. She says “there is no greater feeling than helping someone create something amazing.” She also lives by the words of another designer, Aaron Draplin, "do good work for good people".