Dr. Caneel Joyce is a sought-after speaker, women’s movement maker, and startup culture builder. She has consulted with some of the world’s most transformative entrepreneurs, including leaders at Snap, Slack, Amazon, Scopely, and numerous early stage startups spanning space exploration, holographic imaging, AR/VR, healthcare, fintech, and new media.

Dr. Caneel came to us for both brand development and website design. Caneel wanted something both organic and strong. She expressed an interest in geodes and realized that was the perfect inspiration to help bring her vision to life. We liked the perfect, round curvature of the San Serif C and incorporated a strong geometric pattern to represent the inside of geode. Most of Caneel’s work is represented in layers and breakthrough coaching so we liked the idea of showing something in layers.

We utilized the same idea of geometric shapes and layers with the website design by angling the title images and creating layered shapes in the background of each page.


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